A new design language

RO STUDIO inspires event visitors to be overwhelmed by the transcendent power of music. Spatial, organic forms depict the letting go of ego, mind and body and the liberation of the individual. They entice you to get carried away and make new connections with yourself and the world around you.  

Ode to rapture

The sculptures of artist Rogier Ruys depict moments of musical unification. RO STUDIO translates them into manifestations for festivals and events. As XL sculptures from 10 to 20 metres high, digital animations, projections or interactive installations, they contribute to an unforgettable overall experience of music, feeling and togetherness.

Looking becomes seeing

Transcendence is of all times and cultures. You only have to be able and willing to open up to it. We make that intense sense of wonder accessible to everyone. Together with our partners, we design and build exclusive visual power for this, tailored to your event, festival, location or act.

Discover the possibilities

From dance to pop, classical or jazz. A supersized sculpture on location or a holistic design for a magical experience. It is all possible. Contact us if you have any questions or ideas or if you are curious about the possibilities. Together, we will make it unforgettable.